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I had the pleasure of meeting Pawel today and we had a very insightful conversation on business-to business-related subjects. Pawel was very honest and transparent and he was able to clearly describe to me what makes Alani Tech different from other IT recruitment businesses and what unique methods and technologies they are using to establish long-lasting relationships with their clients and help their candidates to grow. It was truly fascinating

Derek Le

Business Development Executive at Golden Owl Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Pawel in the past on a few short projects/occasions. Pawel was the go-to person for advice.

He always shows his determination to finish the task/s on time and his helpful attitude towards others makes it clear that no challenge will stop him. Any company will grow with his experience.

Pawel always concentrates on improving the workflow by applying his professional knowledge and including each team member in decision-making processes.

His approach is innovative, creative and it works. I will strongly recommend Pawel to anyone.

Allen Windsor

CEO at Avalon Trade Group

Pawel is friendly, professional, understanding and very knowledgeable in the market he operates within...Pawel has got the right attitude, drive & skill set to develop trusted relationships with clients and candidates alike, I look forward to working with Pawel more in the future

Ryan French

Account Manager / Business Development Executive at Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Pawel helped me by advising me on how to make my Cv stand out by adjusting few things and slightly changing the visual view also keeping in mind that my Cv will be ATS friendly so it will be easily searchable.

Pankaj Vyas

Freelance UI/UX Designer

I connected with Pawel through mutual group on LinkedIn. Pawel arranged a call to e-meet me and get to know me better, also taking time to listen to what really motivates me in life…

Mohamed Faahim

Web Designer and Developer at Holouly

It seemed to me that Pawel is a very creative, result-oriented, and hard-working person. What amazed me the most is that he is extremely passionate about recruitment. He likes to think outside the box when it comes to building great strategies to attract the best technical candidates. Pawel's expertise and approach allow him to connect in-demand talents with the client at the right time. I would highly recommend Pawel as a professional who can help companies find their best employees.

Anastasiia Serafyn

Career Coach | Ex Recruiter | I help professionals gain career clarity & reach full potential at work

Pawel is an honest, experienced, and understandable person who uses his knowledge to help others to find what truly motivates them in their career and go for it! His approach using CLAMPS allows him to understand candidates' aspirations and find the perfect match for the clients by using it and placing candidates within the right company culture and with the right requirements. He is a big advocate for diversity and inclusivity and a pleasure to talk with and exchange experiences both personal and professional. Pawel uses his bespoke approach to bring a human touch back again to recruitment.

Sarah Wright

Copywriter, editor, storyteller

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