About Us


Alani Tech is a boutique IT recruitment business focusing on Front End, Back End and Full Stack Development.

Our team of IT and Recruitment Professionals ensures your job is matched to the right talent at the right time in their career journey.


Because we want to help people to do what they love and build great careers by delivering great talent solutions to businesses.

We do this by using our unique LoveWhatYouDo assessment process. This uses our CLAMPS model enabling us to focus on 6 key areas to identify the right roles for our candidates, and getting the right people matches to our clients.

By understanding the core motivators and drivers our placements are more likely to LoveWhatTheyDo, be motivated, engaged, be more productive and have a longer tenure ensuring they make a bigger impact to our clients bottom line.

BCG research shows that more engaged employees are 75% more productive and stay for longer. 

In this way we’re not just recruitment consultants but Partners to our clients and our candidates, making a real difference to businesses and our candidates lives. 

This is why we love what we do.


Love What You Do Assessment

We work using a retainer model so our candidates and clients know we will give 100% of our dedication, knowledge, and expertise to them. 

Our LoveWhatYouDo assessment process focuses on the motivations and aspirations of an individual, which allows us to identify what they need to be happy, engaged and successful in their future job.

By understanding 6 key areas 

  • we find the right person perfectly matching the role and company culture. 

  • candidates will deliver high performance in their new roles, 

  • businesses will increaase retention rates and their bottom line


It is a win-win-win!

Integrated Technology

We use integrated technology to work within GDPR Regulations and make the process easier. 


Our Clients are given one access link enabling them to: 

  • review shortlisted candidates

  • contact us with any questions or feedback 

  • schedule an interview 


This means downloading CV’s is no longer necessary when you work with Alani Tech, and with it, all the headaches of GDPR and Data Protection disappear.


This saves time, money and reduces the stress associated with GDPR regulation and Data Protection law.

Our candidates are also assured in the fact their CV is in safe hands.

Totally Service-oriented

We are totally service oriented. 

We use our expertise in the recruitment process, types of contracts and HR regulations in the best interest of both our clients and candidates to ensure successful placements and contracts.


We are here to help throughout the total recruitment process, from creating the right job description, designing the right package, attracting the right talent to onboarding new staff members and providing them with the right contract! 


We are on hand to help support and advise at all stages of every placement.


At heart, we are all about getting great people into great roles.

  • We deliver talent by placing individuals in roles where they are motivated and engaged, increasing employee engagement and retention leading to increased employee performance.

  • As REC Corporate Members we provide REC approved and certified role-related contracts and necessary documents, along with advice and support during the recruitment process and onboarding for both candidates and clients.

  • We support clients in building diverse, motivated and committed teams to create high performance.

  • We help candidates understand more about themselves, their motivations and drivers to ensure we can work with them to find the right role for them - where they will be motivated, engaged and successful.


  • We prepare every candidate for an interview by reviewing their CV, providing full company and role information and undertaking mock interviews to ensure every interview is worth our clients' time.