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IT and Recruitment Come Together to Launch an IT Recruitment Agency in the United Kingdom.

A new IT specialists recruitment startup has opened its doors in the United Kingdom. A team of IT and recruitment experts have come together to form Alani Tech; a specialist’s IT recruitment agency.

Alani Tech seeks to provide recruitment solutions to companies in need of tech-based human resource and struggle to find the right talent for their business.

The company opened its doors at a time when employment data, according to the HR Director, shows that more than 68% of UK employers struggle to find the right skilled workers. The Workplace Insight reporting on the Edge Foundation 2018 employment assessment indicates that for digital technology, there are over 600,000 vacancies which cost the economy £63 billion a year.

Furthermore, a Financial Times article shows Information Technology has been one of the most challenging vacancies to fill in the United Kingdom, since 2018. At the same time, Tech Nation Job and Skills report show that the sector has advertised up to 90,000 vacancies per week since August 2020.

As for the IT jobs in demand, digital tech now accounts for 9% of the workforce in the UK, and cloud computing grew to 22% by 2019. As of July 2020, LinkedIn published a report revealing data science, data storage technologies and technical support are among the top skills in demand in the United Kingdom. A software developer role is also one of the most sought-after roles by employers making up 6% of all advertised digital tech roles.

At first, Brexit was the main reason behind the difficulty in trying to fill IT-related vacancies. But COVID19 lockdowns have certainly compounded the situation. Nevertheless, even without these challenges, HR departments have always found it difficult to get the right IT talent.

According to the Founder and Director of Alani Tech - Zaid Hassan, companies have different IT needs. Some need IT, specialists, with a mix of skills that comprehensively cater to their host of business needs. And others need specialised IT staff to deliver on technical IT requirements.

He states, “the problem is that Technology in the country is rapidly expanding and changing. The evidence of this is in the UK being ranked No. 1 top scaling Tech Nation, according to the 2020 Tech Nation report. Our own experience shows that companies prefer professionals with comprehensive technical skills to fulfil a specific company IT role.”

But that’s not the only problem, traditional HR departments without an IT background are not able to sufficiently define IT job descriptions and subsequently vet IT competencies and skills. And this is why you find that companies are not able to draw in the right talent to fill in their vacancies.

“For most companies, while tracking their recruitment metrics, we have found that they have poor scores on quality of hire, the average time for hire and the cost of hire caused by lack of IT basic knowledge and none IT staff members in the team,” states Pawel Jasinski the Business Consultant/Recruitment Specialist.

The quality of hire measures the value the new hire brings to the company, and how long he/she stays with the company. It also includes the level of satisfaction the hiring manager has with the employee based on their performance and the job competency.

It is working to provide a holistic solution for the IT staffing challenges that makes Alani Tech stand out from its competitors.

Director Zaid Hassan stated, “Alani Tech brings together recruitment and IT specialists. We work to reduce the time of hiring candidates for the clients by being able to understand client needs immediately and candidate requirements by using IT professional's knowledge and HR experience from our team.”

The average time for hire is the time difference between the time the candidate entered your recruitment funnel, to the time of accepting your offer. The cost of hire is the amount of money spent in the employee recruitment process plus the amount of income that the company would otherwise earn if the position were filled.

But how exactly are they able to reduce their time of hire?

Alani Tech creates an IT talent pool, which is essentially a database of potential candidates. The talent pool contains a profile of each candidate, including their education, training, skills and potential roles they could fill. Employers are also encouraged to register their companies on the Alani Tech portal and work with the team to define the scope of their available vacancies. Alani Tech leverages on technology to empower employers recruitment process and ensure accuracy, quality and time efficiency.

“Employers have the option to talk to us or sign themselves up to the employer portal. If the client’s talk to us, we will run a match and find the right candidates. Our team then contacts candidates then shortlist and send to the client” states Zaid Hassan.

The employer will then receive an alert to their email giving instructions for accessing their company portal to review the list and qualifications of shortlisted candidates. In the portal, the client can review the available profiles and schedule interviews.

Alani Tech advises employers on their job analysis and skills audit process. They also support the drafting of the job description, shortlisting candidates and the interview process according to their client’s specifications.

Final Thoughts

Alani Tech is set to become the IT recruitment agency of choice for many small and medium business entities in the country.

Contact us today for a free needs assessment.

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