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Zaid Hassan

Founder | Managing Partner

Zaid is a collaborative, proactive and innovative leader who has the curiosity, creativity and radical thinking to lead organizations in new directions. He combines this with strong leadership skills that are focused on continuous improvement and pursuing excellence.

He thrives when he can bring people together to debate ideas, share best practices or simply celebrate success. He brings energy to any project or organisation by finding ways of doing things differently, so they work better for all involved.

Zaid has a creative approach to problem-solving, combining open-mindedness with dynamism to generate new ideas while still being able to get things done in organisations where change doesn't come easy or fast enough.

Being in the tech industry for over 12 years Zaid is a hands-on DevOps consultant who specialises in the cloud infrastructure AWS, IaaC, and continuous deployment.

Zaid Hassan

+44 (0) 779 4457 418

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